Aortic Aneurysm Postoperatory Care

Some routines must be followed once an endoprosthesis is implanted in aortic aneurysms:
• Keep a balanced diet with low animal fat and salt control, if there is high pressure;
• Practice regular physical exercise, with walks for 30 minutes daily;
• Take AAS 100 mg daily (Aspirina infantil): one tablet at lunch for life to thin the blood a bit and prevent atherosclerosis complications;
• Take Tylenol 750 mg, every 6 hours, if needed, if feeling pain or fever;
• Avoid flexing the thighs a lot over the abdomen soon after the procedure. Avoid being crouched for long time until there is proper cicatrization at the groin;
• Do not directly exposed the incision to sunlight for 4 weeks;
• Performing periodical reviews to evaluate the endoprostheses is pivotal. The follow-up protocol includes a computerized tomography soon after the procedure, in 6 months, and then once yearly.